Since I am a card carrying technology geek, I wanted to share with you a pretty simple computer solution to house hunting.  This is even a great way to visit Virginia Beach and other Hampton Roads neighborhoods if you are relocating, but currently live somewhere else on the planet.  The best part is you can do this right from your own computer anytime, day or night and it's FREE!

Try using Microsoft Virtual Earth (using bird's eye view feature) and Google Street View online.  Both websites are pretty simple to use once you get the hang of them.  Just type in the full address (include City & State) of a property you are interested in and will find yourself at the house.  Click on the house a couple of times to zoom in closer.

There are several types of views and ways to point and click to get closer to the house, change directions to view different angles of a home, and travel down the street like you were driving by. You can even fly over the house and the neighborhood as if you were in a helicopter by clicking and holding down the mouse button and dragging the mouse. 

The best part is it is actually fun to do and there are some really awesome close up views of most homes.  The Microsoft site is my favorite of the two because there is much more to see, but the Google site is interesting too. Give them both a shot and let me know if you found this helpful or not. 

Not in the market to buy a home yet?  Then just type in your own address and view your own house and neighborhood.  Most of country has coverage, but the best pictures are in more populated areas.  The Virginia Beach area has excellent quality pictures